Wellington, NV

Espresso (Reseller)


Flavor Notes: Bright, Complex, Smooth
Origin: Americas, African, Indonesian
Process: Washed
Certifications: None
Roast Level: Medium
Net wt: 12oz


We are pleased to announce that our house espresso is a Golden Bean winner. The Golden Bean is the world’s largest coffee roaster competition. Over 450 North American roasters submitted over 1300 coffees to be judged on a variety of quality attributes. Espresso won Silver in the Milk Based Espresso category, and Bronze in the Espresso category. Our masterwork as artisan roasters. We carefully combine the best qualities of Central American, South American, African, and Indonesian coffees to produce a blend that is without any overly dark pretense, bright, full-bodied, complex, and smooth whcih makes perfect cup of coffee everytime.

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Weight 12 oz


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